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Funeral Services

If you are selected as a Personal Representative, or Executor, under someone's Will, most likely one of your tasks will be to hold the funeral service.

This short blog post can help you prepare for this task.

First, pick a date. In your early stages of grief, this may be difficult. However, planning the ceremony may help ease some of the heaviness of your grief. While picking the date, some considerations might include: how far guests will have to travel, if it is a holiday weekend, work schedules, time of day, and weather restrictions.

Next, ask for help. Getting help from certain family members or even funeral professionals can ease the burden of planning the event. Funeral services require a lot of planning such as: including elements of faith, selecting speakers, selecting food and drink, gathering meaningful pictures and stories, preparing programs, preparing invitations, and selecting the venue, if desired.

Submit an obituary. Once you have decided on a date, prepare and submit an obituary to the local newspaper and include the details of the funeral announcement. Let close loved ones read and help edit the obituary. This will help minimize hard feelings if someone, or something, is left out.

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